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Data Triangles offer solutions for fully managed data labeling, data annotations, data collection & data analysis. We strive to solve critical challenges faced by Enterprises and AI companies to make their data usable for AI Applications.

Our Offerings

Image Labeling

Image Labeling is the process of recognising different entities in an image. You can recognise various entities like animals, plants, food, activities, colors, things, fictional characters, drinks etc with Image Labeling

Audio Labeling

The Audio Labeler app enables you to interactively define and visualize ground-truth labels for audio data sets. This example shows how you can create label definitions and then interactively label a set of audio files.

Video Labeling

Video Labeling involves adding metadata to unlabeled video in order to train a machine learning algorithm. This metadata, also referred to as tags or labels, could be anything from a bounding box around a certain part of the image to full segmentation, where every pixel is annotated with its semantic meaning.

Text Annotation

Text Annotation is the practice and the result of adding a note or gloss to a text, which may include highlights or underlining, comments, footnotes, tags, and links.