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With his thick cum covering my belly, I reach down and scoop it into my hand and lick every drop clean. After that first time when we had hot and dirty sex on the conference room table during lunch, things really started to heat up. Derik and I found ourselves diving into some very naughty places.

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  • “Hmm, then come to me baby. Ride my bare cock with your fertile pussy, if this is what you want.”
  • Together they cum in a filthy twisted sex plot.
  • I used all of my energy as I fall down onto her sweating and panting, I flip her around with his cock still inside of her pussy I start to kiss her intimately knowing this was my last time.
  • He said I’m the one who walked in and caught someone in their bedroom having sex.
  • They indicate that as many as one in 16 families may contain a girl toddler being sexually abused by an adult male.
  • Research into what kind of man commits incest has been unable to discover any important differences between them and any other men.

One of the first things he said was “I fantasize about a dominant man with a BBC control me. I fantasize about being his property and sissy bitch.” He also went on to tell me that he fantasizes about his master exposing him to his parents. He told me that he daydreams about inviting his mom and dad over to his house only so they can walk in and find that their son is a kinky, dirty sissy phone sex bitch.

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An impregnation fetish is a paraphilia that is characterized by arousal or gratification from the cheap sex swings possibility or risk of impregnation through unprotected vaginal sex. As Derik helped me undress, I could feel my pussy filling with hot wetness. As Derick knelt between my legs, he instructed me to lift my hips. “I want the best angle as I pump my seed into that hot cunt of yours,” he whispered in the eerily quiet room.

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She becomes upset and says that you’re cruel and selfish just like your parents. She goes to get off the bed, angry, until she hears you say, “mommy don’t go”. She turns around and asks what you called her. You say yes, that you don’t want her as an older sister, you want her as mommy. She’s always been mommy and that’s what’s bothering you. You want to call her mommy all the time and her to call you son or bb boy.

Back when it was written “Lubrican” it referred to a sprite who was hard to see and hard to catch, and who excited the lusts of the unwary. I thought that fit pretty well as the name of an author who hopes to excite your lust with his stories. Please be advised that Adobe no longer supports Flash Player since January 1, 2021 and blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player since January 12, 2021. As a result, you might experience issues with C4SLive and be unable to view some of the content available on this website . WOWGIRLS Anjelica and Cindy spoil the lucky guy with passionate threesome and lots of hot action.

She asks you again and you say you don’t her as your sister anymore. You tell her that’s not your sister, she never has been, and before you can finish she stops you and is heartbroken. She asks how you can say that to her after everything she’s done for you. She reminds you of everything she’s done.

She proposes that they impregnate one another so that when he leaves her for school she will have a part of him close by. Mommy dumps her cum inside of her baby boy and then he returns the favor filling Mommy with his warm milk. Together they cum in a filthy twisted sex plot. Many people enjoy fiction precisely because real life has so few happy endings. For that reason, most of my work does have happy endings, and things always work out to everyone’s benefit.

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Cuckold breeding happens when another man fuck your wife for hours and cums inside her several times during her fertile days. Mommy is mad at you because she found sexy pictures of her on your laptop. She wants you to get this taboo fantasy out of your system so she invites her “friend” over to help you out.